Machine Mastery Workbooks

Our Machine Mastery Classes are designed to get you familiar with your machine and to help you get the most out of your machine. Each Machine Mastery Class has an accompanying workbook. The Machine Mastery Classes has the one workbook to download. If you own an Embroidery Sewing Machine, you will have an additional workbook to download before that mastery class. Please download and print your workbook/workbooks prior to class. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!


Sewing Machine Mastery Workbook:

MyBERNINA Basic Operations Workbook


Machine Embroidery Mastery Workbook:

MyBERNINA Embroidery Workbook

Serger Machine Mastery Workbook:

MyBERNINA Serger Workbook 1

MyBERNINA Serger Workbook 2

Embroidery Software V6.0 Workbooks:

MyBERNINA Embroidery Software V6.0 Workbook 1

MyBERNINA Embroidery Software V6.0 Workbook 2

MyBERNINA Embroidery Software V6.0 Workbook 3




Monday, February 19, 2018