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This Serger is a Discontinued Model. 

This is a new machine that we had on display.  It comes with all of it's original accessories.  We have serviced the machine, sewn the coverstitch on it, and have it in tip top shape -ready for its new home.  

The Bernina 1300MDC is a combined overlocker and coverstitch machine, it is very simple to change from overlock to cover stitch, with the LCD giving on screen instructions. This machine is very simple to thread and with the benefit of the patented Bernina Micro Thread control loose loopy edges are a thing of the past.

Set the over-edge thread length at the twist of a knob.
A serger with a chainstitch, four coverstitches and four combination stitches
The hard-wearing safety seam (combination stitch) is ideal for reliably joining firm woven fabrics, such as jeans.
The 3- and 4-thread coverstitch gives you an especially durable, flat stitch in highly elastic fabrics.
The BERNINA lay-in system lets you thread quickly and directly - and it's also simple to thread the lower looper, thanks to the automatic lower-looper threading system.
Easy, ergonomic operation: With the aid of the vision panel and the red position indicators, you'll find the ideal position of the needles and lower looper for threading straightaway.
Coverstitch Overlocker

Key Features:
Up to 24 stitch variations
Coverstitch 2 needle or three needle
Overlock with 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads
Chain stitch
Double wider or narrow and triple coverstitch
2 or 3 thread flatlock
2 or 3 thread rolled hemming
Rolled hemming
Stitch width up to 9mm
Simple threading system
Needle threader
Differential feed
Swing out presser foot

This Machine is available for purchase online.  It is available for pickup in our store or we can ship it to you anywhere in the Continental USA only.