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The BERNINA Q20 is a Sit- Down Quilting Machine.  It has the BERNINA Stitch Regulator built in. You can choose the best arrangement for your sewing space.  The Q20 can be purchased with a table or a frame. 

We have this machine on display and are happy to  show you all its features and let you try it!

Bernina Has 3 Options for the Sit Down Table.  When purchased with the Adjustable Folding Table the price is $ 12,999.  The Q20 Priced with the Koala Sit Down Cabinet is $ 14,999.  The New Adjustable Table by Horn with the Q20 is $ 16,999
If you prefer to have your Q20 on a Frame You have a choice of 3 different Frame Sizes ranging from 9' to 13' (all are the same price)  $ 20,999