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Bernette b44 funlock


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The bernette b44 Funlock Overlock Serger offers numerous practical functions, giving you a straightforward introduction to overlocking. With 15 stitches, the bernette b44 Funlock Overlock Serger provides a compact set of stitches that allows you to do all types of overlock sewing. The bernette b44 Funlock Overlock Serger is easy to thread the looper and needle by following the coloured markings on the bernette Funlock 44. The knife drive is from below, so the stitch widths can easily be adjusted with one hand. The bright LED light also provides good visibility. And the bernette b44 Funlock Overlock Serger is quick, sewing up to 1300 stitches per minute.


Included in the Bernette Serger Presser Foot Kit for B44 B48 Serger Models:

  • Ribbon Couching foot – For couching narrow ribbon. With the help of the adjustable guide, ribbons of various widths can be guided precisely into the seam.
  • Elasticator foot – The elasicator foot is best suitable for sewing projects with elastic bands. The Fabric can be aligned evenly and exact so the sewing of elastic bands for home furnishings, bathing or sports clothes goes smoothly. The elasicator foot is also optimal to create professional lingerie.
  • Blindstitch foot – This foot is a specialist for working with blindhems. In one step the seam is sewn, and the edge is finished. Therefore, the blindstitch foot allows quick and Proper working and is ideal for creation of attractive blindhems on home furnishings and garments.
  • Piping Foot – The piping foot is qualified for creating or sewing in braids, or even both actions in one step. That gives main points to home furnishings or garments.
  • Beading and Sequin Foot – For creative work with beaded or sequin tapes up to a width of 4 mm. The side groove serves as a guide and for couching cords.
  • Gathering foot – With the gathering foot single layers can be gathered evenly and simultaneously sewn on a smooth piece of fabric.
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Box to store feet

Major Features of the bernette b44 Funlock Overlock Serger

  • 2, 3 and 4-thread overlock stitches

  • Accessories in the looper cover

  • Bright LED light

  • Differential feed infinitely adjustable while sewing

  • Easy threading due to the colour-coded threading path

  • Including waste collector

  • Manual needle threader

  • Sewing speed up to 1300 stitches/minute

  • Wide overlock stitches: 3-7 mm

  • Wide roll hem stitches: 1.5 mm

LED Illumination
LED lighting illuminates the sewing area.
Adjustable Thread Tension Dials
Easy to turn and adjust thread tension dials.
Color-coded Threading Paths
Color-coded threading paths, along with a threading diagram inside the looper cover, ensure accurate threading every time.
Automatic Thread Tension Release
All four tensions are released when the presser foot is raised making it easy to thread and move a project from underneath the presser foot.
Bottom Driven Knife
Easily adjustable with one finger, fabric edges are trimmed safely and accurately. The knife in a lower position opens up the sewing and looper area for ease in threading.
Looper Looper Threader Aide
Lower looper threader aide helps in the quick threading of the lower looper.
AC Motor
A strong motor provides quiet power.
Cut-off Bin
Easily attachable cut-off bin catches threads and fabrics while overlocking.
Accessories in Looper Cover
Accessories easily store away in the looper cover.
  • Maximum Sewing Speed
  • 1,300 stitches per minute.
  • Stitch Length Adjustment
  • Exterior knob allows for stitch length adjustment while overlocking.
  • 3-7 mm Overlock Seam Width
  • A wide range of seam widths for utility and decorative overlock stitches.
  • 7 Step Presser Foot Pressure
  • By simply adjusting the knob the presser foot pressure can be adjusted to accommodate sheer to thick fabrics.
  • Differential Feed Adjustment
  • Exterior knob allows for differential feed adjustment while overlocking.
  • Upper Looper Convertor
  • Upper looper convertor included to easily allow 2-thread overlock stitches.
  • Built-in Rolled Hem Lever
  • Simply move the rolled hem lever to switch easily to a rolled hem stitch and back again—no need to change the stitch plate or presser foot.
  • Safety Switch for Looper Cover
  • Safety switch for looper cover ensures safety by not allowing machine to stitch when looper cover is not engaged.

Accessories Included with the bernette b44 Overlock Serger

  • Standard presser foot
  • 1 Pack of needles
  • Screwdriver
  • Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Upper Looper Converter
  • Needle Threader
  • Manual
  • Cut Off Bin
  • Replacement Knife
  • Dust Cover
  • Accessory Box


Warranty of the bernette b44 Overlock Serger

  • 10 years on internal metal cast, 2 years on electronics, 1 year parts and labor
This machine is available for pick up in our store or we will gladly ship it anywhere within the Continental USA